Winston Blue

Are you a social smoker? You should try Winston blue cigarettes. This is the perfect brand when one is on a budget. The design of its package makes it stylish, and the unique smoke makes it a pleasurable brand. Winston blue contains 0.6mg of nicotine. Some carbon monoxide and 8mg of tar. It comes with a smooth tobacco taste that does not irritate your throat.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

R.J Reynolds Tobacco produces Winston blue brand. The manufacturer also makes other famous brands including Winston classic, silver, and Xstyle blue. The company introduced Winston blue in 1954. The brand features among the top ten cigarette brands in the market in the USA.

This is a clear indicator that it is a good quality cigarette. No brand can remain consistent in that list without a remarkable reputation. The brand also has a broad distribution across the globe, and a lot of customers choose it over other conventional brands.

Target audience

It is a suitable brand for people who prefer light tobacco cigarettes. Most people who like these cigarettes are occasional smokers who do it out of fun and not from craving nicotine. Habitual smokers may find this cigarette too light. Ladies also prefer such light brands.

Type, location, cost

Winston blue is a flavored brand that has a top-notch taste. The brand goes for $ 38.99. It is cheaper compared to other brands. You can buy it at a cheap cost from European stores. Order it online and take advantage of different discounts provided by retail stores.

What are smokers saying about the brand?

Smokers love the taste and smooth texture of this brand. They also find it economical since it does not burn out quickly. This means you can use one cigarette for long and end up not buying an entire pack to get satisfaction.

The brand does not produce a chemical taste, and they don’t cause headaches after use. Some customers, however, complain that they can easily burn things around you. You, therefore, have to put them off carefully. Get a good quality ash tray to use after smoking.

Comparison with other brands

Winston blue cigarettes fall under the light category while Winston classic is a strong brand. The classic type contains more nicotine content for frequent smokers. You only need a single puff from Winston classic for you to start feeling its effect. Winston blue cigarettes take some time before you can start feeling its impact. They are similar in that they come from the same company.

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

The reason why many customers stick to Winston blue is due to their rich flavor and pleasant smell. They have a calming effect and makes one feel mellow. The price is also another encouraging factor. Winston blue is a light cigarette that offers room for female and beginner smokers.

It is also a reliable brand that is consistent in burning. The use of pure tobacco in manufacturing them make them a good brand. You can use this brand when trying to quit smoking since it is light.

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