Sobranie Black

Are you looking for a luxury cigarette? Try Sobranie black Russian. This is one of the oldest luxury brands of cigarettes in the world. Right from the construction and packaging, you can tell this is not an ordinary brand. The black box and the opening style symbolize elegance. Unlike other brands, this contains a gold foil wrapping which describes the history of Sobranie.

It also features a foil filter to improve the quality of the smoke. Sobranie black Russian contains 0.7 mg of nicotine and 7 mg of tar. Not many cigarettes contain such amounts of nicotine. The cigarette provides a consistent draw and a subtle flavor.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

The Gallaher Group which is a branch of Japan Tobacco manufactures this brand in London. It was first introduced in the market in 1879 and has been in existence for more than 140 years. Redstone family marketed the brand during the early years. Over the years, the manufacturers have modified the cigarettes.

The years of modification have made the Sobranie black Russian brand stand out. The manufacturer brands them using the Russian Imperial edge label. It is an exclusive brand that is known for its good reputation. The producer puts into consideration customers’ health. They, therefore, take the necessary measures to produce good quality cigarettes.

Target audience

This is the brand for the elite in the society. They are also meant for habitual smokers who are used to high nicotine content. The primary target audience is men. Female brands from the same company are a bit shorter and slimmer.

Type, location, cost

Sobranie black Russian are flavored cigarettes that have the fragrance of Russian tea. They taste like a blend of dark chocolate and tea. This is a rare brand to find in some areas. This brand costs & 69.99. You can purchase it from online stores around Europe at an affordable price. Online shops reduce the price to make it a bit accessible to potential customers.

What are smokers saying about the brand?

Smokers describe these cigarettes as classy. They like the smooth, rich taste of the brand and enjoy the quality of tobacco used to manufacture them. Most also appreciate the beautiful box that matches its contents. They also report that the cigarettes do not leave a chemical taste after smoking. The only drawback that many customers face is the price.

Comparison with other brands

If you need a cheaper Sobranie cigarette, choose Sobranie gold. It is less expensive than Sobranie black Russian. The nicotine content is however more in Sobranie black Russian compared to Sobranie gold. The Black Russian is a male brand while the gold version appeals to more females than males. The same company manufactures both brands.

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Sobranie Black Russian cigarettes may be expensive, but they are worth the price. They are elegant cigarettes that are reliable and consistent. The flavor is unique, and the effect is gratifying. They also stand out when it comes to the packaging and cleanliness. This is a brand that contains a lot of nicotine meaning it can be highly addictive.

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