Rothmans Vogue Lilas

Ladies love Vogue Lilas cigarettes for their aristocratic nature. They are known for their elegance and magnificent charm. For many ladies Vogue Lilas cigarettes are trendy, and they form part of their stylish accessories. They help ladies portray their independence, confidence, and refinement. The cigarette contains 0.4 mg nicotine and 4 mg tar.

The brand’s modern design is one of the reasons why people find them fashionable. Vogue Lilas cigarettes also have a lady-like appearance since they are thinner than other brands and have an elongated shape. Besides looks, the brand uses natural tobacco during production. They also have a pleasant smell that ladies love.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Vogue Lilas cigarettes made their first appearance in the market in 1932.  British American tobacco manufactures different vogue brands including Vogue Lilas, Vogue Platine, and Vogue Menthe. The company markets different brands in categories such as superslim and King size.

The remarkable reputation of the company has made Vogue Lilas among the top leading brands in the market. It advertises the brand through the film industry. What makes this company a competitive one is the modifications that it does to fit changing styles. It keeps up with the trends. The company only changes the design of the pack but maintains the unique taste of the brand.

Target audience

The brand is specifically designed for women. The manufacturer uses a design and colors that appeal to women. Most ladies who use Vogue Lilas are young ones who keep up with fashion trends. This includes ladies between the age of 20 and 40.

Type, location, cost

Vogue Lilas is a flavored brand that does not disappoint. The cost of the cigarettes depends on your location. Some regions sell them at a high price while others reduce the cost to attract more customers.  In most countries, you can purchase a carton at $ 38.99. If you are looking for lower prices, try retail shops in the UK.

What are smokers saying about the brand? 

Fashion-oriented smoking ladies adore the light, sweet taste of Vogue Lilas. They fancy the mild flavor of the cigarette and the sweet aroma. The smooth smoke does not leave your hands or clothes smelling nasty. The design of the pack also makes ladies appear bold and classy.

Comparison with other brands

Vogue Lilas has a different taste from Vogue Menthe. The first brand is creamy while Vogue Menthe comes with a menthol taste. Both of them are light though Vogue Menthe has more nicotine content than Vogue Lilas. Both brands are sold at a similar cost since they come from British America Tobacco Company.

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

The brand consists of ultralight and superslim cigarettes that are sweet and consistent. You can rely on this brand since it does not burn out quickly and lets you enjoy the experience. It is a popular brand among young American ladies due to its light taste. You should not be dependent on this cigarette since it is addictive and can get you hooked on tobacco.

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