Rothmans Demi Click

Rothman cigarettes take pride in their rich heritage which has made them a recognizable brand around the world. Smokers are loyal to the Rothman demi click brand due to their gratifying effect. Rothman demi click is famous due to its unique blend of tobacco flavors and affordable cost.

The brand contains a citrus flavor that comes from the capsule inside it. It also equipped with a nice filter to produce great smoke. The main elements in the cigarettes include 0.6 mg of nicotine and 6 mg of tar.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Louis Rothman launched Rothman cigarettes in London in 1890. He later merged his business with British American Tobacco in 1990 to expand the brand. It has now existed for more than a hundred years. The manufacturer aims at pleasing the needs of every smoker.

By 1905, the King granted this brand a royal warrant due to its exceptional quality. Its good reputation made it more famous, and it became a force to reckon with in the tobacco industry. They comply with the quality standards set in place and try to maintain a good ratio when it comes to the price and quality.

Unlike other companies, the manufacturers of this type avoid producing so many brands so that they can focus on a few. The company excels in quality, stability, and consistency.

Target audience

Rothman demi click targets middle and low-income earners who love mild cigarettes. It is a brand for occasional smokers who only do it once in a while. Both males and female enjoy this brand. The fans of the brand continue increasing every day.

Type, location, cost

This falls under the category of click type of cigarettes. The initial cost of the brand was high. The manufacturer, however, lowered it as a strategy to expand its customer base. They did not alter the quality of the brand. You can purchase a carton at $ 54.28. Though different markets around the world offer the brand, you can get it at a low price in Britain.

What are smokers saying about the brand? 

Most smokers are thrilled about the effect of smoking this brand. It is not only satisfying but also smooth on your throat. The smell and taste are also some of the reasons why most smokers like it. It has a refreshing taste and a pleasant aftertaste.

They also like the consistent burning of Rothmans demi click. The cigarettes have a filter that retains its shape during smoking. Smokers find it economical since it does not burn out quickly.

Comparison with other brands

Rothman demi click is different from Rothmans blue in strength since Rothman demi click has more nicotine content than Rothman blue. They also differ in their taste and packaging. Both of them come from British American Tobacco and are fairly priced.

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Rothman demi click offers a unique citrus flavor and fine tobacco. The manufacturer does not compromise on the quality of this brand. It is, therefore, a good brand that lets you enjoy smoking. The price is also another encouraging factor.

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