Rothmans Blue

Do you need a classy type of cigarette that does not burn out fast? Purchase Rothmans king-size blue. This is a luxury brand that comes with high nicotine content. It provides a rich, creamy taste that is hard to find from other brands.

Rothmans blue contains 0.5 mg of nicotine, 6 mg of tar and some carbon monoxide. Though the amount of nicotine in it is high, the brand is not harsh on your throat. You can quickly feel the effect of nicotine after a few puffs. It has a relaxing effect since it is a strong brand.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Rothmans International plc manufacturers this brand in London. It is a British tobacco manufacturer that has existed since 1890. Apart from Rothman cigarettes, the company produces other brands such as Dunhill and Players.

Louis Rothman was the founder of the company. He launched the cigarette brand in a small showroom. His reputation is what earned him a royal warrant in 1905. In 1929, Rothman appeared in the list of London Stock Exchange for the first time.  Over the years, the company has continued maintaining a good image and producing high-quality cigarettes.

Target audience

Rothmans blue is not a brand for first-time smokers. It is suitable for folks who are used to smoking and enjoy high nicotine content. Most medium and low-income earners can afford to purchase it since it is reasonably priced. More men than ladies choose this brand due to its strength.

Type, location, cost

The brand is a flavored type of cigarette that has a strong taste and a pleasant aroma. You can buy it at a low price in any of the shops in the UK. It costs € 7. 40 which is a fair amount compared to other brands.

What are smokers saying about the brand?

Most smokers love the way the flavor of Rothmans blue gets stronger with every puff. It has a small tan filter which is light colored. It has a fantastic taste, and it is worth the cost. The price is affordable for most users, and the packaging is stylish.

Some, however, complain that they experience a little throat burn from smoking this type. It happens to people who are not used to high nicotine content in a cigarette.

Comparison with other brands

Rothmans blue is different from Rothmans demi silver in the strength. If you want a light Rothmans brand, you should choose demi silver which contains less nicotine content than Rothmans blue. The size of the two brands also differs in that Rothmans blue is bigger and heavier while Rothmans demi silver is light-weight and small. Both of them come from the same manufacturer.

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Rothmans blue brand contains high-quality tobacco. The packaging is stylish, and the flavor of the brand is smooth and warm. It tastes like real tobacco and has a velvety smell of tobacco leaves. The price is also reasonable, and the brand is consistent and long-lasting. For these reasons, it is safe to say that Rothmans blue is a good brand.

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