Parliament Silver

Do you love light cigarettes? You should consider purchasing parliament silver which comes with low nicotine content. Unlike other brands, Parliament silver uses special filters known as recessed paper filters. These prevent your mouth from coming into contact with elements such as tar from the cigarette.

It is a European cigarette that comes with a unique taste. Though they are light, they give you the same high you get from smoking strong brands. The brand contains 0.3 mg of nicotine and 3 mg of tar.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Phillip Morris is the company that manufacturers Parliament Silver. They have been in business since 1931. The company has managed to remain on top due to the use of original tobacco to produce these cigarettes.

The old cigarettes that the company produced did not come with filters. By 1935, experts had discovered that the use of filters reduced the harm of smoking and therefore the company started producing filtered cigarettes. The company tries to balance the strength and flavor of this brand to appeal to the needs of customers.

Target audience

Parliament silver is the brand for affluent smokers. It is expensive making it ideal for the wealthy in the community. Sometimes, medium income earners purchase the brand when attending a social event to boost their status. It fits people who have already made it in life.

Its mild strength makes it suitable for social smokers who are not addicted to high nicotine content. If you love strong brands, this is not your type. People who are new to smoking also experiment with this brand.

Type, location, cost

The brand is a flavored type of cigarette that contains a nice aroma. Unfortunately, it does not fall under the category of cheap brands. Shops in different states sell this brand at a slightly different cost. A carton may cost $ 44.99.

It contains 10 packs with each pack holding 20 cigarettes. If the price is an issue, compare online stores from different countries before purchasing the brand. Some shops sell it at lower prices in Europe.

What are smokers saying about the brand? 

Fans report that it has a delicate, and exciting flavor. They love the taste of rich tobacco leaves in the brand. It gives you a relaxing effect and a pleasant after taste. The recessed paper filters also do a good job when it comes to filtering smoke.

Customers like the great smoke that Parliament silver produces and the way it burns smoothly. Some people are not happy with the high price of the brand.


Comparison with other brands

Parliament silver is different from Marlboro brands since it contains a recessed paper filter. This makes it less harsh than Marlboro brands. Parliament silver also has a higher price tag than Marlboro. They are similar in that they are made from natural tobacco.

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Parliament silver is one of the top leading brands in the industry. It is popular for its efficient filter and unique taste. The only drawback with this brand is the cost

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