Parliament One

If you need a cigarette that offers the right amount of kick, you should try out parliament one. The brand is unique because it contains recessed paper filters. The filter is added to ensure that you fully enjoy the pleasure of smoking parliament one.

You will also like the smoothness of this brand. It is a brand that is easy to smoke due to its consistency.  Parliament one contains 0.1mg of nicotine and 1 mg of tar. The filter tip has cotton pieces designed to keep your lungs safe from tobacco during inhalation. It, therefore, causes fewer side effects compared to other brands.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Philip Morris International is the owner of both parliament and Marlboro brands. The company was established back in 1931. It has been using different marketing skills to reach a broad target audience. The film industry has greatly led to the spread of the brand.

Though the company has its headquarters in Europe, the brand has markets all over the world. It is famous for its outstanding reputation and top quality cigarettes. The manufacturer tries to find the right balance between the light taste and the tar while making parliament one.

Target audience

This is a light cigarette that targets first-time and occasional smokers. It has an extended filter which can tell you that the tobacco in it is minimal. You, therefore, get to enjoy smoking without inhaling a lot of chemicals in the body. Teenagers experimenting with smoking often start with this brand. It can be underwhelming for habitual smokers.

Type, location, cost

Parliament one is a flavored type of cigarette that contains a distinctive taste.  A carton of this brand costs $ 43.06. Each carton contains 200 cigarettes divided into ten packs. You can get a cheap carton by ordering it from shops in the US. Online retail stores offer discounts when you buy cigarettes in bulk.

What are smokers saying about the brand? 

Unlike other brands which feel like stale smoke, users of parliament one report that this brand feels fresh. It has a firm filter that boosts the quality of smoke. They also like the classic look of parliament one. Most of them say that parliament one is a better brand compared to other light cigarettes.

Comparison with other brands

Parliament one is different from parliament night blue in strength. Parliament night blue is stronger since it has more nicotine content than parliament one. The price also differs in that parliament one is cheaper than parliament night blue. Both of them, however, have a rich, exciting flavor since they share the same manufacturer.

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Parliament one cigarettes may not be the best time for frequent smokers, but they feature a paper filter that prevents you from inhaling a lot of tobacco. Though no cigarette is 100% safe, parliament one comes with fewer effects compared to other brands due to the addition of the recessed paper filter.

It is a light brand that gives you a good kick. Most occasional smokers find them satisfying. You should, however, avoid being dependent on cigarettes since smoking can cause cancer.

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