Parliament Aqua Blue

Why should you struggle with regular tobacco when you can get extra pleasure from smoking parliament aqua blue? This contains a delicate exciting flavor that you have been looking for from cigarettes.

It provides a good balance when it comes to its strength and mild flavor. Resisting the wonderful taste of parliament aqua blue cigarettes is hard. Though the price is higher than other types, it is a brand that does not compromise on quality.

A cigarette from this brand contains about 0.5 mg of nicotine and 6 mg of tar and some carbon monoxide. Parliament aqua blue version is a light version of parliament night blue since the second brand has more nicotine content. The brand features a charcoal filter which makes the smoke smooth.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Philip Morris International is responsible for the production of parliament aqua blue in Europe. In the USA Phillip Morris has another company that supplies this brand in different markets. The brand has been in existence since 1931. It is the first company that introduced filter tips on cigarettes

The company is reputable and has great marketing skills. They advertise the brand using film and grow their number of international customers every day. The demand for more cigarettes is what inspired the manufacturer to raise the price to gain more profit.

Target audience

Parliament aqua blue targets people between the age of 21 and 50 years. It focuses on people that have either a medium or large income since it is more expensive than other brands. It is a classy cigarette that is associated with the rich. Some medium classed people also buy these cigarettes during special occasions when they are in public to identify with the elite group.

Type, location, cost

The cigarette is a flavored type that has a strong aroma. One carton costs $ 56.50, though this includes numerous packs that you can use for a while. You can get a low-priced parliament aqua blue cigarette in Europe. Take note that the difference in prices may be minimal.

What are smokers saying about the brand?

Most smokers love the pleasant taste of this brand. The manufacturer uses high-quality tobacco that provides a relaxing effect on users. A lot of smokers reveal that the cigarette has a soothing effect and does not cause headaches after burning.

They love the fact that it does not have a harsh smell. They also like the way it looks and how it filters smoke. The high price is, however, a discouraging factor for some smokers.

Comparison with other brands

What makes parliament aqua blue different from brands such as Marlboro is the use of carbon filter. This helps in cooling the smoke to prevent it from burning your lips. Parliament aqua blue is also designed to last longer than Marlboro since it burns slowly. The two brands, however, have a rich tobacco taste.

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Parliament aqua blue is a high-quality cigarette that makes use of recessed paper filters. These enhance the texture of smoke and prevent your tongue from touching the filter. It is among the top leading brands of cigarettes in the world.

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