Marlboro Touch

Unlike standard cigarettes, Marlboro touch comes in a slimmer design that increases convenience. The cigarette is slim for secure holding, and the pack is also small for you to carry it easily in your jeans pocket. Apart from its diameter, this cigarette stands out due to its smooth and refined taste.

It does not have a lot of nicotine content compared to other brands. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about a strong cigarette odor remaining on your clothes. Marlboro touch comes in different colors including blue, grey and white. Marlboro touch provides a firm filter to make it easy for smokers to stub out the cigarette without worrying about the change in its taste. The charcoal filter system comes in a double layer.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

The cigarette has its roots in Korea where Phillip Korea first manufactured it in 1924. It was previously referred to as Marlboro gold touch before Philip rebranded it to Marlboro touch. The UK was the first market that launched Marlboro touch and introduced it to the rest of the world. The brand has a good reputation since it features enhancements to give smokers quality cigarettes. It is a popular brand in the tobacco industry.

Target audience

After the introduction of the brand, many people assumed that Marlboro touch was meant for females since it came with a red band on its filter. Males, however, started using this brand after it was rebranded and repositioned by Leo Burnett.

The type, location, and cost

Marlboro touch comes with the menthol flavor. It is a popular brand in the UK though you can get it in other regions too. The cost of Marlboro cigarettes is € 6.99 in the UK. Each pack contains 20 good quality cigarettes. If you are looking to save, you can buy the carton which comes at € 37.95.

Other regions still sell the brand at rates such as € 8.85 and $ 7.80. The UK is one of the cheap places where you can get Marlboro touch easily at a low price.

What are smokers saying about the brand?

The low nicotine level of Marlboro touch makes it a good brand for most smokers. They love the taste and the minimal odor it comes with. The sleek design also makes it different from other brands.

Some smokers have, however, complained about the filter. Though the cigarette is small, it seems to use a filter of the conventional big cigarettes. Some people feel like the cigarette is empty from the inside and hope that the issue will be solved.


We can compare Marlboro touch to other Marlboro brands such as gold and red. The difference in this types lie in the amount of nicotine in them. They are, however, produced by the same company and are high-quality cigarettes.


Is it a good cigarette?

Many smokers can agree that Marlboro touch is a better cigarette compared to other brands. It contains less nicotine content which translates to less odor. It is a good cigarette as long as you don’t use it excessively.

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