Marlboro Red

Are you tired of cigarettes that leave an awful chemical taste in your mouth? Try Marlboro red and enjoy the smooth taste with no such effects. Most people in the US smoke this brand. It is a popular brand that you can rely on since it is not too strong nor too mild.

It is one of the brands that come with very little nicotine content. One cigarette contains only 1 mg of nicotine and 13 mg of tar. The low levels of nicotine in a cigarette reduce the risk of addiction. Though the nicotine content is small, it still leaves you feeling satisfied.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Phillip Morris came up with the brand in 1924. The competitive brand has been successful for years due to excellent marketing strategies and maintaining a good reputation. The history of the brand is one of the reasons why Marlboro red is quite popular. The manufacturer used effective advertising campaign to popularize the brand around the world. The broad distribution made it become a big name for generations.

Target audience

It mostly targets occasional smokers who are not used to high nicotine content. Though the brand was initially marketed as a cigarette for ladies, they used red packs to package it. The packaging makes it look like something cowboys would like. That is how men started using Marlboro red. Famous people also associate with it.

Type, location, cost

Marlboro red is a flavored type of cigarette that includes the taste of rich tea biscuits and cocoa. It comes at an affordable price of only $ 3.90 per cigarette box. You can also purchase a pack which contains 20 cigarettes. Though many countries sell Marlboro red, you can buy it cheaply in Australia.

What are smokers saying about the brand?

Most smokers love the effect of Marlboro red. They find the taste delicious and the price reasonable. Unlike other cigarettes, smokers also testify that this brand does not cause headaches after use. Some of them, however, complain about how fast the cigarette burns down.

Comparison with other brands

Looking at the size of Marlboro red compared to other brands like Kool, you can tell that Marlboro red is 2mm shorter than conventional brands. Marlboro red has also been in existence longer than Kool brand. It is a flavored type while Kool is a menthol cigarette.

Both of the brands are however satisfying since they easily make you get high. These brands are also similar in that they burn fast. The price of the two brands is also reasonable in most places. If you want to stay true to the brand, i recommend Marlboro Black Menthol.

Conclusion – is it a good cigarette?

The unique taste of Marlboro red is hard to find in other ordinary cigarettes. Numerous positive reviews is a clear indicator that Marlboro red is a good type of cigarette. It has low levels of nicotine, a pleasant smell, and a reasonable price. The pack also features bright colors, and it can fit in a small bag. You should, however, avoid smoking such cigarettes if you are underage.

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