Marlboro Filter Plus

Cigarette manufacturers try to make their brands unique using different characteristics. Marlboro filter plus is an innovative brand when it comes to its filter construction. The manufacturer makes it different from others to meet the strength preferences of the consumers.

It contains 0.1 mg of nicotine and 1 mg of tar. Though the amounts may seem low, you will feel its impact. It has a filter which has four chambers. The chambers where the smoke passes contain flavored tobacco.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Philip Morris International launched Marlboro filter plus in different markets such as Ukraine, Russia, and South Korea in 2006. It is a top selling brand across the world due to its good reputation. Phillip named this cigarette after a street where he first established the cigarette factory in London.

He launched the Marlboro in 1924 as a woman’s cigarette but later repositioned it to suit a broader audience including the men. The company was also famous for sponsoring motor vehicles in 1972.

The producer came up with a new edition which combines the original taste with a better filter. He named the brand, Marlboro filter plus. The specific pack of the brand is what helped the company advertise and popularize the brand across North America and Europe.

Target audience

Marlboro filter plus is a suitable choice for many light smokers. Women and young men enjoy these cigarettes. The price is also friendly making it affordable for medium income earners. If you are a habitual smoker who enjoys high nicotine content, this may not be the best choice for you.

Type, location, cost

This brand is a flavored type of cigarette.  It is an affordable brand that costs $ 34.95 per carton. Each carton contains ten packs and is equivalent to 200 cigarettes. Though different markets around the world supply this brand, you can get it at low prices in Europe.

What are smokers saying about the brand?

Smokers report that it is a one-milligram product that is exceptional when it comes to the taste. It does not contain any spicy flavor but has a sweet vanilla taste. People also like the rich aroma of this brand. Though it is light, it does not leave you feeling like you are smoking hot air.

They also like the fact that this cigarette does not burn too fast. It gives you the chance to enjoy drawing in the tobacco for a while. Apart from the taste, the packaging adds class to the brand. It, however, does not deliver a lot of nicotine content.

Comparison with other brands

Marlboro filter plus is different from Marlboro menthol in that the first brand is flavored while the second has a minty taste. Marlboro filter plus is a light brand while Marlboro menthol is strong due to high nicotine content. The packs have similar colors of white and red, and Phillip Morris manufactures both brands.

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

This brand contains flavored tobacco that tastes good. The filter construction and stylish packaging make it a unique brand. It is suitable for light smokers since it has minimal nicotine content. The only drawback is a chemical taste in it.

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