Marlboro Black Menthol

Ladies like the taste of menthol cigarettes. Marlboro black menthol is a blend of menthol and tobacco. The manufacturer mixes the compounds in the right amounts to give you a fresh cigarette. The refreshing taste of this brand does not leave you feeling like you just smoked peppermint.

It tastes like the real chocolate taste and leaves a crisp aftertaste. The brand is not too strong to get you hooked from a single puff nor too light. It is also an affordable brand that is locally available. It contains 0.6 mg of nicotine and 8 mg of tar.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Phillip Morris, the manufacturer of Marlboro black menthol, has made it a popular brand around the world. The company launched this brand in 1924 and introduced it as a women’s cigarette due to the appearance of its filter. They later repositioned the brand as a male’s brand to attract more customers with the help of an advertising company in Chicago.

Over the years, the company has been able to gain a lot of customer through excellent marketing skills. They advertise the brand on television, billboards, and even magazines. It is now a famous brand that has a good name in the tobacco industry.

Target audience

Though ladies are the primary target audience for the brand, young men also like it. Occasional smokers also experiment on the menthol taste of this brand. It is common among the young generation of adults below 45 years. Medium and low-income earners like this brand since it is affordable.

Type, location, cost

The name can tell you that the brand is menthol. You can access it in the US and also outside the country. Most places sell it at $ 5.50. If you are in New York, you can buy a pack at a cheaper cost of $ 5.30.

What are smokers saying about the brand?

The strong minty taste is a turn-on for many smokers. Some say that they can taste the tobacco under the menthol flavor. They also like the clean filter that makes the smoke consistent. The tobacco used to manufacture Marlboro black menthol is of high quality.

It is unfortunate that some smokers report that they burn too fast. Some also report a chemical taste from smoking them. You can reduce this by adding some pure eucalyptus on them. Some get an unpleasant tongue sensation from smoking these cigarettes.

Comparison with other brands

The main difference between Marlboro black menthol and Marlboro ice blast is the strength and flavor. Marlboro ice blast contains less tar than Marlboro black menthol. It is, therefore, lighter than Marlboro black menthol. They also don’t taste the same and are priced differently. The two brands are similar in that they share the same manufacturer. Try the classic “Red” if you want tobacco without additives.


Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Marlboro black menthol is the perfect choice for people who prefer cigarettes with the minty flavor. The manufacturer balances contents such as menthol and tobacco well to make them taste unique. The reasonable price also makes them a good option. Do not buy this brand if you need a long lasting type.

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