Davidoff Slim Gold

One of the luxury cigarettes available in the market is Davidoff slim gold. It is a premium brand that contains high-quality tobacco. The cigarette is popular in regions such as the UK and USA, due to its aromatic flavor and strong tobacco.

They are filtered slim cigarettes that contain 0.6 mg of nicotine and 6 mg of tar. It was designed for tobacco fans who are used to medium nicotine content.  In many places, people call it Davidoff lights.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Zino Davidoff is the founder behind this high-end brand. He also came up with other related brands including Classic, Gold, Menthol, and Ultralights in 1926. Zino established the cooperation which is responsible for producing fine hand-roll cigars, pipe tobacco, and high-quality cigarettes.

All products from this corporation are globally accepted due to their excellent quality and aroma. The company has a remarkable reputation and millions of customers. Imperial Tobacco took has taken ownership of the Davidoff brand.

Target audience

Davidoff slim gold is a classy cigarette that is preferred by wealthy people in society. Not many commoners afford the brand since it is more expensive compared to others. The luxury pack features a design that represents elegance and style. The target audience is occasional smokers comfortable with cigarettes of mild strength.

Type, location, cost

The brand falls under the category of slim cigarettes. Each cigarette goes for $ 4.90. Some people prefer to buy the cigarettes in a pack or a carton. One carton costs $ 49.50. It contains ten packs which are equivalent to 200 cigarettes.

If you purchase the cigarettes in bulk, you may get a discount from online stores. Such stores also increase accessibility to customers around the world since they do shipping and delivery in different places. You can buy a cheap pack in the UK.

What are smokers saying about the brand? 

Smokers like the brand due to its distinctive taste and superior quality. From smoking the brand, you can easily tell that it is a mixture of different tobacco types. Customers report that the distinctive flavor is hard to find from other cigarettes and the aroma is also pleasant.

They also like the exquisite design of the pack. The smoke is consistent, and the cigarette takes some time before burning off. Smokers report that the brand does not come with a chemical taste.

Comparison with other brands

The main difference between Davidoff slim gold and Davidoff gold is the size. Davidoff slim gold appears to be thinner than Davidoff gold. Both of them are filtered cigarettes, and they look the same since they are from the same company.

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Davidoff slim gold stands out due to its excellent aroma and superior taste. Over the years the manufacturer has maintained high-quality standards. This brand gives you the taste of real tobacco and makes you enjoy the experience. It is hard for you to choose another brand after tasting Davidoff gold. The glamorous and unique flavor makes it a good brand.

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