Davidoff Gold

Cigarettes that contain long filters are known to produce fine smoke. Davidoff gold is one of the brands that feature such filters. It may be an expensive brand, but the quality of tobacco used to manufacturer it makes it worth your consideration.

It provides a light taste and does not irritate the throat. It is smooth on the throat, and the brand falls under the light category of cigarettes. Though it has a strong aroma, the lovely smell cannot put you off. Some people also call it Davidoff lights.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

The brand was established in Geneva in 1926. The brand’s name hails from the founder, Zino Davidoff who is based in Switzerland. Davidoff is known to manufacture diverse cigarettes, pipe tobaccos as well as smoking accessories.

The manufacturer uses tobacco from different counties to make Davidoff gold such as Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Mexico. The producer is also passionate about quality tobacco and fine cigars. Davidoff gold cigarettes are known for their smoky flavor and unique aroma. The company takes pride in its good image.

Target audience

Davidoff gold appeals to a lot of light smokers. It contains 0.6 mg of nicotine and 7 mg of tar. This makes it a brand with medium strength. If you are a strong smoker, you may not enjoy this cigarette. It is also more expensive than other brands meaning it is suitable for high-income earners.

Type, location, cost

It is a flavored brand that contains a velvety taste. It is a well-balanced brand that is pleasant to smoke. Each cigarette costs $ 4.90 in some online stores. You can also get a cheap cost of about $ 4.40 in countries such as America. Try window shopping in different online stores so that you can compare the prices and get an affordable cost. Unfortunately, the brand is not available in small towns.

What are smokers saying about the brand?

Most smokers are happy with the consistency of Davidoff gold brand. It does not burn too quickly; therefore, you get enough time to enjoy the experience. Smokers also report that this light cigarette does not feel like one is smoking air. The packaging comes with perfect seals to keep the cigarettes fresh.

Comparison with other brands

Davidoff gold contains a velvety taste while Davidoff classic has a creamy, fruity flavor. The amount of nicotine in Davidoff gold is less than that found in Davidoff classic. This makes Davidoff gold a lighter brand than Davidoff classic. They both come from the same manufacturer and don’t differ in their price. People who have smoked both brands also agree that they do not leave a harsh taste in the mouth

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Davidoff gold is a luxurious brand that offers a distinctive flavor. It is known for its superior quality and mild strength. Despite its high cost, it is a good quality cigarette suitable for light smokers. The chemicals in it can, however, damage your lungs. You should, therefore, avoid smoking this brand frequently.

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