Davidoff Classic

Smoking Davidoff Classic can make you forget how harmful the habit is to your health. It is a sophisticated brand that delivers an exclusive taste of tobacco and pleasant aroma. As the name suggests, it is a classic brand that produces great smoke.

You should always ensure that you smoke Davidoff classic when you are full since it is strong and can strike you hard if you smoke it without eating. It is a Non-FSC brand that contains 0.5mg of nicotine and 5mg of Tar.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Zino Davidoff started manufacturing this brand in 1926 in Germany. The company is famous for using high-quality tobacco to produce cigarettes. The manufacturer has been ranked among the top-selling cigarette producers in the world. With such a name, it is hard to doubt the credibility of the brand.

Target audience

The classic brand targets the rich. It comes at a higher price tag compared to some of the brands. People who mostly buy this brand are high or medium income earners. Some people buy it on special occasions as they try to identify with the elite group in society. Right from the design of the pack, you can tell that this is not one of the conventional brands that we are used to.

Type, location, cost

Davidoff classic is a flavored type of cigarette that combines mild substances to give you a unique taste. One cigarette costs $ 4.90, but you can save more from buying a pack or two. You can get a fair price by ordering a carton of Davidoff classic from Germany. The original cigarettes from the region are not only cheap but also authentic.

What are smokers saying about the brand? 

Unlike other brands, smokers love the fact that Davidoff classic does not leave you smelling like a chimney. It has a nice light smell that does not stick to your clothes after smoking. The after taste is also another aspect that most smokers consider when purchasing cigarettes brands.

Davidoff classic is among the few that do not have a chemical after-taste. Customers also like the strong effect of the cigarette and how easy it improves focus. It is unfortunate that a few users find them harsh on the throat during inhalation.

Comparison with other brands

Davidoff classic is different from Dunhill red when it comes to the taste. The first brand tastes like coffee while the second one is spicy. They also differ in the price since Dunhill red is cheaper than Davidoff classic. You may, however, confuse the two brands since they come in a red pack. Both of them also produce smooth smoke.

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Davidoff classic is an elegant brand that has a rich flavor of sweet tobacco and dark coffee. They are smooth but have a strong kick at the end. Unlike many brands, this excels in mental alertness. It is ideal for cool weather. This is a good brand that you can genuinely enjoy without feeling like you are craving more tobacco.

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