Chesterfield Red

Smoking is addictive, and for most smokers, one cigarette never feels enough. That is why it is good to choose a budget-friendly one so that you don’t end up spending a lot of cash. Chesterfield red is a good option when money is a concern.

The brand offers super kings which deliver great smoke at an affordable price. Unlike other brands, this contains 0.7mg of nicotine and 10 mg of tar. It is a strong brand that is suitable for people who love high nicotine content.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Altria is the current manufacturer of Chesterfield red. The brand has existed since 1896 under different companies such as Drummond Tobacco Company Limited and Myers Tobacco Company. The brand gets its name from a county in Virginia known as Chesterfield.

Chesterfield is also popular for sponsoring motorcars and radio programs. There was a time when Chesterfield red was a major brand in the US, but controversies along the way made them lose sales. The company changed its marketing strategy and released it in the UK as a budget brand.

Target audience

This brand is ideal for frequent smokers who love strong brands. It targets low and medium income earners since it is affordable. The design can tell you that this is a male cigarette. Very few women can withstand its strength.

Type, location, cost

It is a flavored brand that features an extended filter which has a light tan color when you smoke it. Unlike other brands, Chesterfield red is quite cheap. One cigarette can cost you as low as € 5.75.  One carton costs $ 46.50 in many places. To get a lower cost, stick to UK cigarettes.

What are smokers saying about the brand? 

Chesterfield red is famous for its sweet flavor and pleasant smell. Smokers report that the first drag is smooth and it continues burning slowly and consistently. It burns without rushing so that you can enjoy the smoking experience.

This effect is also economical since you don’t have to smoke a lot of cigarettes for you to get high. The problem with this brand is that it sometimes irritates the throat. Some people report that they end coughing a lot after smoking it. Some also dislike the chemical taste.

Comparison with other brands

Chesterfield red is different from chesterfield blue right from the colors of their respective packs. Chesterfield red is also stronger than the blue brand since it has more nicotine content that than Chesterfield blue. The target audience for the two brands is also not the same. They are slightly similar in taste and quality since they come from the same company.


Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Sometimes, cheap can be expensive. Though chesterfield red is reasonably priced, it is not the best brand in the market. It may be strong with a nice nicotine hit, but it is harsh on the throat. The nicotine content also makes it easy for you to get addicted to the brand. It is also not available in the US anymore, therefore, you have to rely on online shops.

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