Chesterfield Blue

These non-filtered cigarettes are popular in Europe. It is a unique cigarette that is different from conventional brands. It provides many smokers a good option from what they are used to. They contain a distinctive flavor and a sweet after taste.

Unlike other brands, these do not come with an unpleasant chemical taste. It is neither too light nor too powerful. If you are a frequent smoker on a budget, you should stick to this brand to avoid wasting a lot of money. It provides decent smoke and a nice flavor.

Manufacturer, history, reputation

Altria is the company that initially manufactured Chesterfield blue in America. It has been in existence since 1896. The brand’s name comes from a state known as Chesterfield country which is found in Virginia in the US. During the 20th century, the brand was internationally recognized and was top selling in America.

Phillip Morris later took over the production of Chester cigarettes and launched them in 2011 in Europe. The company manufactures high-quality chesterfield blue cigarettes from Virginia blend tobacco. They combine the classic British name with a modern feel to give you value for your money. The manufacturer has earned the respect of competitors in the tobacco industry thanks to its good image.

Target audience

Chesterfield blue cigarettes are ideal for smokers that have strict requirements from brands. They contain 0.5mg of nicotine and 6mg of tar. The contents are enough to make you high if you love smoking. They are also suitable for the middle and low-class smokers since they are reasonably priced.

Type, location, cost

They are flavored types of cigarettes that come with a mild flavor. The price of this brand is affordable since a carton can cost you $38.99. Each carton contains ten packs while a park holds 20 cigarettes. You can easily buy the brand cheaply in Europe.

What are smokers saying about the brand?

Most smokers love the modern design of this brand as well as the affordable cost. The sweet aftertaste is also surprising for smokers who try this brand for the first time. Some smokers also report that the cigarettes have a crisp taste.

They love the packaging and the smoothness of the brand. The affordable prices is also another encouraging factor. Some people, however, complain that the cigarette burns fast.

Comparison with other brands

Though the cost of chesterfield blue and chesterfield gold is the same, chesterfield blue is strong than its competitor brand since it contains more nicotine content. You can also distinguish the two brands from the colors on the packaging. They are similar in that they come from the same manufacturer

Conclusion-is it a good cigarette?

Even though Chesterfield blue burns fast, it is a fairly good cigarette. The reasonable price and the smoothness of the brand are some of its strong points. It is a good brand for a light smoker, and one that has strict conditions. Try to find a cigarette that is long lasting before settling for this brand. Be careful not to get hooked on tobacco.

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